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Crates & boxes
We manufacture crates and boxes For all shipping and storage requirements

Whether for international export or domestic use, our custom made crates and boxes are designed to get to their destination intact while protecting their contents from the rigors of travel.

At Townsville Pallet & Crate we recognise that our customers require their goods to be freighted inside crates and boxes that are secure and also sturdy. The crates and boxes need to generally travel long distances and be moved many times.

We can custom make to your requirements and use pine or plywood as the construction material depending on your specific requirements. All that we require is the estimated weight and internal dimensions of the goods you need to transport. Our crates and boxes can also be heat treated and fully certified for export if required.

We believe in understanding our customer’s requirements and developing a solution that will meet their needs. Please contact us and let us help you find a solution that is right for you.

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Crates & boxes - Custom made and locally produced since 1979


townsville crates
In all facets of industry/commerce the humble pallet has been serving this environment well and we have been supplying pallets to Townsville, Cairns, Mackay & Mt Isa for years.
townsville boxes
Our custom made crates & boxes for our Townsville, Cairns, Mackay & Mt Isa customers are designed to get to their destination in tact while protecting their contents & are suitable for import/export.
townsville skids
Our skids are suitable for the transportation of sheetmetal, glass and timber products and can be made in any size from 300mm to 10,000mm right here at our Townsville plant.
cairns pallets
Whether for long distance freight or local transport our Dunnage products are designed to your specifications and help our clients with a total timber packaging solution.